Brides Beware

We understand every bride wishes to have an amazing gown and at times budgets are limited, so looking on these internet sites that claim to have designer gowns at ridiculous prices can be appealing. Unfortunately, thousands of brides every year get caught into this trap. Unscrupulous internet dealers lure brides in with true designer photos, but these are not their dresses and what you receive will be unbelievably upsetting. Had they displayed their true dresses, nobody will be purchasing them! These manufacturers do not care about the bride and only care about their revenue.

Within the industry this has become a huge problem, with brides visiting their local boutique trying on genuine gowns for style, receiving wonderful service from personnel who care that spend quality time with each bride only for them to order online as they think they are getting the quality of the gowns they have tried on in the bridal store.When they receive their gown from these internet sites, quite often this is close to their wedding day and they have no option but to purchase another gown at short notice. These brides unfortunately have not saved any money, but have distressed themselves and in the long run lost money. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Please see below examples of real brides experiences and follow @bridesbeware on Instagram for many more…

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